Value Creation

Value creation in the enterprise today is predominantly a passive strategy responding to market movements, rather than a proactive strategy pervading all functions and occurring throughout the enterprise by identifying all the opportunities and all the spaces in which to add value.

Our methodology and system at Advanz, for which we have been granted US Patent 6,411,936, includes the following steps:

  • Identify the Operational Domain in the Landscape
  • Develop a Value Creation Model for all Links in the Chain
  • Understand Current Market Dynamics
  • Visualize Big Picture Trends and Emerging Clusters
  • Utilize Creativity to Find Hidden Value and/or New Market space
  • Conceptualize Offerings that Consistently Deliver Value
  • Plan Evolution of Organizational Structure & Partnerships
  • Speed-up Knowledge Flow via Integration with Offerings
  • Deliver Unparalleled On-going Productivity
  • Readjust to Sustain with the Changing Landscape




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