Value Creation

What we do

Advanz is a leading provider of enterprise value enhancement solutions focused on the mid-size market segment. Our expertise is in business process, CRM, eCommerce, sales productivity, and systems with complex workflow including document intensive applications. We deliver solutions and services that significantly enhance value for your business.

Our expertise

Advanz's expertise is in finding and delivering hidden value. We accomplish this with our skilled consultants who use our unique approach to bring specific industry experience and technical proficiency to each project.

We work with both large and small companies in a number of different industries. From professional and business services to manufacturing to specialty retailing - Advanz brings unmatched value to every client, regardless of industry or size.

So how do we do it? Consider these examples:


1 Advanz assisted a small client firm's growth by:

  • Re-organizing, re-structuring and re-positioning their offering portfolio
  • Developing a modified mix to utilize the higher value-added service offerings
  • Proposing an updated go-to-market strategy in the context of the market dynamics

The Result? Within 24 months the company was able to realize a tenfold increase in revenues,
followed by a successful acquisition.


Advanz improved sales productivity at a medium-sized business by:

  • Custom-building an eCommerce site integrated with a CRM system to enhance B2B sales
  • Incorporating the sales process into the system so that workflow was built in
  • Creating a closed loop of information so that sales activity, sales and account penetration metrics and targets could be tracked easily

The Result? Within a few months, B2B sales of the company, which had been flat for over six months prior, started showing
signs of growth ultimately delivering double digit sales growth without incurring any incremental selling costs.

2 Advanz helped deliver profits to a large corporation by:

  • Analyzing the usage data of a certain service stream across 700 client companies, 10,000 users, and 1 million transactions spread over a period of 5 years
  • Creating an algorithm using econometric analysis for predicting revenues and profits over time linked to the type of customer, service mix, contract terms, and other key indicators
  • Identifying underperforming accounts that needed attention for enhancing profitability

The Result? The strategy and data warehousing/business intelligence engagement led to saving of ten million dollars for the client during the first eighteen months alone.


4 Advanz aided a large public bank by:

  • Converting paper documents into electronic form through utilization of document management services
  • Developing a search engine for efficient, instantaneous information retrieval
  • Backing up the scanned data for shared access by multiple users with history and audit trail for compliance

The Result? Advanz's value added services allowed the bank to upgrade to a state-of-the-art system, leading to a successful acquisition.

By organizing our solutions and services, and staffing into specific practice areas serving particular industries, we deliver expertise and fulfill objectives that are relevant to your business challenges. Our CRM practice enables us to develop customized, value-added methods for our satisfied clients, no matter the size or industry.