Development Center

Advanz has a technology development center with dedicated developers working on various projects to improve the systems we build and especially on the integration of CRM, eCommerce, ERP and business intelligence.

We specialize in custom development and constantly reinvest in R&D and developmental projects to continuously improve the systems that we build. Our team comprises developers with at least 3 years of coding experience and some even have Masters’ degrees in computer science whereas others have MBAs. So we understand the business aspects and can more easily translate business logic to technology for the benefit of our customers.

All our systems have a modern front-end and back-end, and they are intuitive to use, packed with features to make it as efficient as possible and very affordable. This is possible only because of our commitment to invest in R&D to improve the functionality of our systems.

The major benefits to our customers include:

  • Incorporation of new ideas and continuous improvement of systems
  • Advanced admin capability and functionality
  • Cost-effective products and solutions
  • High level of technical support