Building Baron

You want to profit from the current property market. You'd like a system to keep track of your properties and your prospects, make your process more efficient, and help you close more real estate deals. You need a CRM tailored to your specific business.

Building Baron is an application for managing the sales life-cycle of buildings and commercial properties for real estate investment brokerage firms and agents. It goes beyond a standard CRM in that it mirrors the sales process for selling commercial properties, allows for multiple attributes to be associated with each building/property, including images, and buildings can be associated with accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.

Building Baron can do all of this for you and still match even the most stringent of budgets. But don't just take our word for it. Contact us to set up a demo for you. Click here for a brochure.

Building Baron for Commercial Real Estate

Building Baron is a sophisticated CRM system for managing the sales life cycle of commercial properties, building, income properties, islands and resorts and other investment properties. Contact us! The benefits of Building Baron are many, and include:

  • System implements typical sales processes for commercial buildings/properties
  • In-depth visibility of the building/property pipeline with summary snapshots qualitative and quantitative views
  • Tracking of buildings by name, owner and type
  • Tracking of opportunities by building, account, sales stage and value
  • Tracking of tasks based on sales stage and type of call activity
  • Separation of all building information from account-related information

About Building Baron

Building Baron is an application for managing the sales life-cycle of buildings for real estate investment brokerage firms and agents. It goes beyond a standard CRM in that it mirrors the sales process, allows multiple attributes to be associated with each property, including images - and properties can be associated with accounts, contacts, and opportunities.

Mirroring The Sales Process

Building Baron tracks each step in the sales process, providing easy, secure access to relevant information at every step from first contact to final closure. It is the only CRM product in the market focused on commercial building/property sales.

  1. A separate module from Accounts named "Properties" with property attributes and criteria such as property type, property owner, property size, class, height/floors, occupancy, sale date, sale price, and value of opportunity among others
  2. The "Buildings" module includes "Create Building", "Buildings", and "Buildings Report" shortcut. The shortcut buildings opens a new window with "Building Search" and "Building List" for easy searching and viewing, search by fields such as building name, owner, and type.
  3. Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Activities (Tasks and Notes), Calendar, Opportunities, and Documents modules, all containing relevant fields
  4. Tasks and Notes as part of the Activities module with special fields in Notes to capture second level details pertaining to building deal triggers and gaps
  5. A check box for emailing reminders for selected tasks in the Create Task form
  6. The Calendar module has the ability to capture Call Types and Process Step to enable tracking of the building sales process and help move the cycle forward
  7. Opportunities, Opportunity Search and Opportunity List for easy tracking and sorting of any opportunity
  8. Capture of second-level details relating to type of contacts, type of calls, and type of accounts
  9. Contacts and accounts associated with buildings, among other associations and links between modules
  10. Enhanced reporting features and team management

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We're confident that Building Baron can increase your overall efficiency by at least 25%.

The Building Baron process flow includes all of the following steps:

  • Discovery - Qualification
  • Calls
  • Definition - Proposal
  • Closing Agreement
  • Property Marketing
  • Escrow
  • Deal Close with Property Buyer


What is CRM?

CRM is an acronym for Customer Relationship Management. A CRM system entails all aspects of interaction a company has with its customer, whether it be sales or service related. It is also an industry term for software solutions which help enterprise businesses manage customer relationships in an organized manner. A simple example would be a database containing detailed customer information that management and salespeople can reference in order to match customer needs with products, inform customers of service requirements, and so on.

But no two industries are exactly alike. In the past, CRM solutions have been of the "One Size Fits All" mentality, each providing roughly similar functionality with widely varying results for each customer. Advanz's solution to this problem is to carefully cater to industry-specific needs. Building Baron is a CRM that has been customized especially for the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Even so customized, we recognize that each customer's business is different, and may need special modifications to fit their own needs. So Advanz will even further customize Building Baron for you quickly and efficiently so that you get exactly what you need.


Why Building Baron?

Building Baron is the only CRM product in the market focused on commercial buildings / property sales. It has already fitted closer than any other CRM application in the market to the needs of large brokerage firms dealing in commercial office buildings. On top of this, Advanz's team of knowledgeable developers modifies and customizes Building Baron to your specific needs as required for managing any set of property attributes such as those for holiday home sales, resort sales, island sales or other property sales. The easiest way to see the power of Building Baron is to call us to arrange for a demo. Please contact us for further information or for any questions relating to Building Baron. The technical features of the system have been compared to others:


Features   Advanz Building Baron   Creagh Computer Systems REA   Sage ACT SalesforceSFA
Accounts   X – with second-level details such as type – Buyer/seller/influencer       X   X
Contacts   X – with second-level details such as type of contact, building preferences, and occupation   X   X   X
Opportunities   X   X   X   X
Buildings   X – captures attributes, stores up to 3 images   X – but no image repository as part of the module; has tenant tracking        
Emails   X   X   X   X
Leads   X – with building preferences       X   X
Documents   X   X – some       X
Activities   X   Similar to Outlook Calendar   X   Tasks and Events Calendar
Reports   X – with many building-specific reports   X   X   X
Dashboard   X           X
Cases   X           X
Intuitive to
  Yes   No   Yes   Yes
Set-up Time & Effort   Instantaneous, affordable web-based solution   At least 1 1/2 to 2 hours to download software, set up the database and configure   30-45 minutes   Instantaneous
web-based solution, but customization is required to capture building information and second level details
Overall   Ideal for building sales – reasonable cost   real estate related outlook plug–in – low cost   Good for tracking contacts, not full
CRM – low cost
  Unfocused CRM – High cost

The above are just some of the many features of Building Baron. Put Building Baron to the real test, we'll be glad to provide you a demo. Please call us to try it.

Our confidence that Building Baron will increase your efficiency by 25% isn't just talk, it's what our customers have told us. But don't just take their word for it either. For more information or for questions regarding Building Baron, please contact us.