Deal Director

Our unique products such as Office Supplies Software, Deal Director and New Business Accelerator are designed to accelerate sales & deals, adhere to specified sales and business processes, and manage the lifecycle of the process effectively. These proven products have been designed with inputs from industry experts and they deliver enhanced productivity.

Deal Director is a unique deal flow management system specifically designed for private equity and venture capital firms to track deals and optimize a firm's deal flow process from start to finish based on their existing processes. The enhanced system also tracks rounds and valuations in portfolio companies, and even connects to modules for fund raising and LP reports among other features providing a comprehensive front-end and back-end solution.

Advanz's Deal Director is a unique application that integrates deals, companies, funds and investors, to help narrow companies to deals and investors to LPs and reduce the effort required to track the process flow. This product has been developed after working with many venture capital and private equity firms over several years, and based on interactions with technology folks, associates, principals, administrative heads, and partners of both medium and large venture firms. Deal Director is the only one of its kind integrating investment deals with funds and LPs to gain total visibility of how the firm, funds and companies are performing.

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