Business intelligence

Growing businesses need specific resources available to them at the right time to manage their growth. Advanz can help augment your growing business with such resources and translate your technology investments into business value. The services we offer also help you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

As information flows more freely in the business world, decisions need to be made quicker and based on sturdier data. The analytical capability that was once reserved for large enterprises has now permeated the world of small to medium businesses (SMBs). Business intelligence connects people with information in an easy-to-use way so that better decisions can be made. With BI you can understand the key drivers of your business, identify trends, view results, analyze opportunities and threats, and set and monitor targets.

At Advanz, we use an enterprise value enhancement approach with every business intelligence engagement to find hidden opportunity for our clients and provide value with sustained benefits over time. We use powerful business intelligence software such as Jaspersoft that is used by thousands of companies and millions of users, and provide you with everyday intuitive dashboarding and easy-to-deliver reports and analytics.