Strategy alignment

Growing businesses need specific resources available to them at the right time to manage their growth. Advanz can help augment your growing business with such resources and translate your technology investments into business value. The services we offer also help you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

We deliver a corporate strategy solution with a comprehensive plan that serves as the ultimate guide to ensuring systematic implementation of a profitable revenue-increasing mechanism for the enterprise.

Revenue growth, profits, success in the marketplace and continued growth are achieved through business strategy. Business model, innovation, range of offerings, delivery channels, go-to-market strategy, customer value, competition, industry changes, are just a few factors that an organization must keep pace with in order to drive ongoing business success.

Our business strategy expertise can provide help with customer segmentation, innovative value propositions, risk identification, technology investment and alignment, innovation, and development of new business models, all of which can be delivered with Advanz's portfolio of capabilities to drive revenue growth, cost reduction and improved profits.

Some of the business challenges we help address are:

Enterprise value enhancement (EVE) focuses on the enterprise in its entirety rather than only on one specific aspect or area like marketing, finance or strategy, or for a specific purpose like computing a range of future values and predicting results. This multidimensional approach provides a systematic methodology for capturing creativity, enabling knowledge generation, knowledge communication and knowledge distribution, and dynamically re-balancing all of these with the leadership system, organizational design, management system and distribution system of the enterprise.

Observed from the value enhancement view, the principles of offering design take on a new perspective where the landscape focus becomes predominant and mechanisms to sustain value advantage through unique value propositions take precedence over fulfilling marketplace needs. Even so, the demand creation process becomes a more complex and highly interconnected web similar to an economic web - where one can clearly see how awareness and lead generation ultimately lead to realized profits.

At Advanz, we come armed with a value enhancement perspective that leads us to a greater understanding of the value drivers of the enterprise, thereby enabling us to make appropriate and rapid improvements in the relevant business processes and sub-processes.