Venture capital

Growing businesses need specific resources available to them at the right time to manage their growth. Advanz can help augment your growing business with such resources and translate your technology investments into business value. The services we offer also help you to reduce costs and increase productivity.

There is going to be more venture capital and private equity globalization in the next decade, not only in terms of investments but also in terms of fundraising and exits as well. Those countries that can nurture entrepreneurs and investors as well as offer attractive exit opportunities have the most to gain economically in the next decade. Given this current trend, and the fact that more companies need to be put through the process of due diligence prior to being approved for funding, and that investments are increasingly being done in stages now, all call for a comprehensive reform in the way deal flow and fund raising is managed.

"The venture capital industry will evolve significantly in the next few years as the asset class responds to a Darwinian contraction resulting from the recession, the rise of innovative industry sectors such as clean technology and the continued interest in venture capital outside the United States," says Mark Heesen, president of the NVCA.

Advanz has developed a unique solution that integrates deals, companies, funds and investors, to help narrow investments and LPs and reduce the effort required to track the flow. This has been developed after working with many venture capital and private equity firms over several years and based on interactions with technology folks, associates, principals, administrative heads, and partners of both medium and large venture firms. The product, Deal Director, is the only one of its kind integrating investment deals with funds and LPs to gain total visibility of how the firm, funds and companies are performing.

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