Enterprise Value Enhancement (EVE) is the strategic integration of business performance management, business intelligence and live human interaction. EVE improves the fundamental value creation capability of the enterprise through improved business results and increased enterprise value. At Advanz, we offer specialized solutions comprising eCommerce, CRM & demand creation, business intelligence, eMarketing, and strategy alignment, which are integrated and delivered in a unique way that maximize value creation.

Heavy personalization techniques allow organizations to develop highly personalized relevant marketing campaigns by incorporating customer profile information, segmentation or demographic behavior, channel behavior, purchase history, personalized product or service recommendations, online activity, and other attributes from a customer databases. Ninety-six percent of organizations believe that email personalization can improve email marketing performance.

We offer a solution to convert catalogs and PDF flyers into html format with hyperlinks that point back to the relevant pages your website or other actionable clicks. Our creative team can also design the htmls from scratch depending upon the need. We help segment and target your audience for the highest response rates. Our eMarketing solution helps conduct marketing campaigns electronically with html content that can be targeted at both prospects and customers for effective tracking, follow-up for relationship-building, and for ultimate conversion to new sales. Data has shown that customers and prospects receiving regular promotions are 30% more likely to buy.

We also integrate our eMarketing solution with CRM and eCommerce for greater efficiencies. For example, a set of leads can be pursued with a campaign, causing them to be directed to an eCommerce website for information and action, thus converting them from leads to prospects. Then follow up activity with inside sales calls can be made on this subset to narrow the prospects further, thus advancing the sales cycle further, all without the need for expensive face-to-face sales calls. Our eMarketing and CRM solutions when integrated help drive selling costs down to about half for the same or better results. Now that's real sales productivity! See an example of a modified workflow using a combination of our solutions to deliver greater efficiencies.