Real estate

Enterprise Value Enhancement (EVE) is the strategic integration of business performance management, business intelligence and live human interaction. EVE improves the fundamental value creation capability of the enterprise through improved business results and increased enterprise value. At Advanz, we offer specialized solutions comprising eCommerce, CRM & demand creation, business intelligence, eMarketing, and strategy alignment, which are integrated and delivered in a unique way that maximize value creation.

Commercial real estate professionals need verified, continuously updated property information as well as internet marketing support. The sales cycle for commercial properties entails two different sales processes, one for listing with owners and the other for marketing to prospects. Prospects for commercial real estate are driven by referrals and there are multiple activities besides the traditional showings, like valuations, assessments and vetting of financials and documents by accountants and lawyers.

Advanz has a real estate solution to help precisely with these processes. Our unique CRM for commercial properties combined with business intelligence and emarketing solutions can make life much easier for the real estate professional or organization.

Advanz customizes the solutions for the real estate industry. Our product Building Baron has been used by many real estate firms successfully to drive productivity. Are you using all your data to support decisions across your business? With a CRM solution optimized with business intelligence, we can integrate data collected from different sources, and streamline the business processes efficiently delivering over 25% sales productivity.

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